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The total, potential project scope is 8.1 miles.  The northern border of the project currently begins at Pontiac Trail in the City of Wixom while the southern ending point of the project could be as far south as Six Mile Road in Northville Township, as seen in the map to the right.  The current active project includes ONLY the cities of Wixom and Novi, running from Pontiac Trail to the north in Wixom to 9 mile to the south in Novi.

Additional lane capacity improvements range from expansions to 5 lanes in Wixom to either 5 or 3 lanes in the Novi section of the project. 

The current project scope, inclusive of Wixom and Novi, runs from the northern border of Pontiac Trail in Wixom through the southern border of 9 Mile in Novi.  The Beck Road corridor also includes Commerce Township, Northville and Northville Township.  Those communities are not active in the project but are looking at the corridor.

Project Map v2.png
Concept Plans
The Project includes widening of Beck Road from the current two or three-lane configuration to either 5 lanes or 3 lanes with an included boulevard in some sections of the project. See links below for conceptual drawings of each portion of the project, including different layout options: 
*PLEASE NOTE - Commerce Township, the City of Northville & Northville Township have NOT committed to participate in any Beck Road Improvement projects at this time.

It also proposes a rail grade separation (overpass) for the CSX-owned and Lake State Railway-operated tracks in Wixom to maximize the benefits of the project including safety AND emergency access to healthcare facilities, improvements to traffic flow and enhancements to quality of life. This addition would be subject to funding and public support. 

The project also plans for Intelligent Transportation System components along Beck and expansions, enhancements and new connections for non-motorized pathways along the corridor.

The full project can be completed at one time or in phases.  The phasing is flexible as it can be modified depending on the funding outcomes achieved in association with the project.
Given knowledge of potentially available funding sources, the following phasing could be implemented. 
Phase 1
Currently, Phase 1 has two components:
  • The first of two Wixom sections of the five-lane widening project runs from West Road to 12 Mile Road and is estimated to cost approximately $14.2 million
  • The widening of Beck Road from three to five lanes in Novi between Grand River and 11 Mile Road.  The current cost estimate for this roadway section is approximately $8.9 million and the Project has received a congressionally-directed federal funding commitment, through Congresswoman Haley Stevens Office, of $4.797 million.

Phase 2
This Phase of the project would finish widening the entire length of Beck Road in both the City of Wixom and the City of Novi and could possibly include the grade separation/rail overpass in Wixom.  ​
  • The second Wixom section of the five-lane widening project runs from Pontiac Trail to West Road and is currently estimated to cost approximately $16.4 million. 
  • The other Novi sections runs from 11 Mile Road to 9 Mile Road.  The current projected cost of that portion of the project is approximately $26.8 million.
  • The grade separation/rail overpass at the crossing north of West Road and south of Pontiac Trail in Wixom.  The rail line is owned by CSX and operated by Lake State Railway Company. The overpass would eliminate the negative traffic impacts of train crossings through construction of a vehicular rail overpass for Beck Road traffic.  Total cost for this overpass is currently estimated at approximately $34.5 million.
Phase 3
The final phase of the project would address other communities along the corridor, i.e. Commerce Township, the City of Northville and Northville Township.  These communities are not in any way committed to the project so this phase is very much to be determined.
Funding Pursuit

The communities of Novi and Wixom are actively pursuing funding through a variety of sources.  Funding requests have been made to the discretionary federal grant program currently known as Restoring American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) as well as through congressional directed spending processes in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. The project is also reflected in regional planning processes coordinated through the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.
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