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The Beck Road Widening Task Force was formed in 2017 by the Wixom Mayor and City Council.  This was a formal, serious commitment to seeing a longstanding goal of the community addressed.  The purpose of the Task Force is to gather information, approach possible funding sources, and to see this critical infrastructure project become a reality. ​​​​
Task Force Composition 
At the start, the Task Force was formed to be a diverse group of interested participants from a variety of backgrounds.  The key was their shared passion for seeing Beck Road widened in order to improve the quality of life in Wixom and beyond.  With that in mind, membership includes local government elected and administrative leaders, business leaders with direct interests along the corridor, and technical experts.  Initially, membership was focused on Wixom; however, membership has grown to reflect the same mix of membership but with representatives from the several communities along the Beck Road Corridor.
The Task Force has steadily met over the years.  Typical meeting frequency is monthly but at times meeting frequency increases to weekly depending on the needs and demands of the Project.​​
The work of the Task Force has also led to the creation of an Innovation Subcommittee in 2019.  The Committee focuses on ways to bring intelligent transportation system and other technology into the Project in order to maximize the positive impact when the Project is completed!
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